Steve Schwarzman

To find the full answer, you have to read our book. Really.

But there are some other profiles that make good reading:

James B. Stewart, “The Birthday Party: How Stephen Schwarzman became private equity’s designated villain,” The New Yorker, Feb. 11, 2008 (probing the man who had become a punching bag)

Landon Thomas, Jr., “The Making of a Wise Man,” New York Times, Nov. 28, 2004 (suggesting Schwarzman was angling to be named Treasury Secretary by the second President Bush)

Shorter and less probing is Nelson D. Schwartz, “Wall Street’s man of the moment: With a history-making deal and a headline-making birthday party, Steve Schwarzman has become the symbol of a new era in finance. And that’s always a risky proposition,” Fortune, Feb. 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair discovered Schwarzman after his birthday party and Blackstone’s IPO and began churning out stories in which he figured prominently, including: Michael Shnayerson, “Hamptons Overdrive,” August 2008. Sadly, Shnayerson’s October 2007 piece on the rivalry between Schwarzman and KKR’s Henry Kravis doesn’t seem to be available on the magazine’s site.

In her book about the financial crisis, CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo
recounts two parties of Schwarzman’s.

Finally, for fun, there’s “Blackstone Chief Seeks $7.2 Million for Hamptons Home,” New York Times blog, Aug. 28, 2009.